SSU Nature Connections

At Sonoma State, we are fortunate to have many opportunities to engage with nature right here on campus. SSU Nature Connections offers many resources to support you in taking advantage of these opportunities to make nature a part of your everyday life.

We have printer-friendly (PDF) and interactive maps of campus nature sites and opportunities to learn about the places you visit and the plants, animals, and fungi you may encounter there. Guided meditations are available to deepen your connection with nature and support your well-being. Whether you are taking a quick breather in the redwoods at the heart of campus, relaxing by the lakes, or walking along Copeland Creek, we invite you to connect with nature at SSU!

Sonoma State Green Spaces

If you are looking to explore the nature connection at SSU, these seven Nature Connection sites are highly recommended places to start.

Take a look at some SSU scenes of serenity