Claudia Sisomphou


Year of Graduation: Fall 2017 

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Planning; Minor in Computer Science 

Internships: Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Public Health Division Intern and Student lead of the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) reporting process for SSU

Current Position: Communications Specialist at Sonoma Clean Power. 

Job Description: A large part of my job is to develop and implement our agency’s community engagement, education, and outreach efforts. I help identify partnership opportunities with local community groups, nonprofits, and businesses to put on workshops, presentations, programs, and events that engage customers and the general public in clean energy conversations. I also manage the agency's social media accounts, campaigns, and content development, and write press releases, website copy, and collateral copy.

How Sustainability is Present within your Position: Our mission at Sonoma Clean Power is to turn the tide on the climate crisis through bold ideas and practical programs. My job is to help educate our communities about renewable energy sources and the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to sharing information about energy and money saving programs that we offer, I spend a lot of my time helping the community understand what we do and why we exist. With SCP, we offer electricity that is significantly cleaner than and competitively priced with PG&E, as well as a 100% renewable and 100% locally generated electricity option that nearly eliminates the emissions associated with your electricity use. Cleaner energy should be available today, and accessible to everyone.

Best Memory at Sonoma State University: It is really hard to only choose one but getting to meet Bill McKibben after he spoke at our Sustainability Days event was definitely one of the highlights of my college career.