President's Climate Commitment

President Sakaki signs the Climate Commitment on April 5th!
March 15, 2019
President Sakaki signs the Climate Commitment on April 6th,

In case you missed President Sakaki's huge announcement in her March 6th newsletter: the SSU Seawolves are going sustainable!

Expanding our commitment to Seawolf sustainability

As many of you know, Sonoma State has long strived to be a model for sustainability. But I’m proud to say that on April 5, we will be taking that commitment to a new level. Please save the date, because on that morning I will be signing the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment, which will commit our campus not just to lowering our carbon footprint but achieving many other goals for mitigating and adapting to a changing climate. The signing will take place as part of the Sustainable Enterprise Conference that we will be hosting on campus that day. More information will be coming in the weeks ahead, but I hope you will plan on joining us for the signing and, more important, join us in recognizing the importance of Sonoma State being a leader in shaping a more sustainable and resilient world. 



So what does this all mean? The commitment begins with a 3-year planning effort to develop a Climate Action Plan. The Plan is a roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality for electrical power, integrating sustainability and resilience into the student experience, and collaborating with the community to build a North Bay that is resilient to climate change. An annual evaluation will help the university make sure it stays on track to meet Climate Action Plan goals.

The commitment builds on the work of students, faculty, staff and community partners. Thanks to their hard work, Sonoma State is becoming a leader in the Northbay and a front runner in the race toward a sustainable California!

Get Involved

  • Be a part of history. Attend President Sakaki's signing ceremony 8:30 a.m. on April 5th in Seawolf Plaza. All are welcome. Coffee and refreshments will be served.  
  • Attend the Sustainable Enterprise Conference immediately after the signing. This year's conference focuses on resilience to climate change.
  • Find out more about the President's Climate Leadership Commitment at Second Nature