SSU's Hutchins own "Climate Change Clapback" podcast

February 8, 2021
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There are some innovative ways Professors on the SSU campus are teaching material and helping students to dig deeper while learning additional skills.  Take the Fall 2020 LIBS 320B Climate Change and Society course.  Last semester they started a climate podcast "Climate Change Clapback".  In it the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies program students explore a range of opportunities for tackling climate change, as well as some of the obstacles to climate action.  A sampling of topics covered so far: 

  • The "Hot" Topic - Solutions to Climate Change is one "Hot" Topic... Pun intended
  • Individual Action - Can individual actions make a difference when it comes to climate change? 
  • Slow Down There, Fashion Industry - Talk about how the fashion industry and how it impacts the environment and how we can make wardrobe choices that are less damaging to the planet
  • And many more! 

This Spring 2021 semester they will be adding episodes on climate impacts.  

Take a listen to the archives and follow their podcast for future episodes.