First Draft of a New CSU Sustainability Policy

October 18, 2018
Sustainability in the California State University

The CSU is seeking input on a first draft of a new CSU Sustainability policy. Deadline for comments is November 5th.

The current CSU Sustainability Policy will expire in 2020 and CSU is taking the opportunity to draft a more detailed policy to guide campuses in achieving sustainability goals. The CSU Sustainability Policy Update Steering Committee has finished a first draft, which covers the general topics of Culture and Community, Building and Utilities, Education and Engagement, Climate and Resilience, Materials and Food, Leadership, Planning and Governance, and Transportation and Mobility.

The Steering Committee is committed to transparency and is seeking input early in the process. This short presentation provides background about the update process, a link to the draft policy, and instructions for feedback. The Sustainability Policy Update Steering Committee will also be soliciting feedback at the upcoming CSU Facilities Management Conference later this month. There will be additional opportunities to review future drafts of this document.