Professor of Leadership & Strategy
Dr. William Silver is a Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Sonoma State University. From 2008-2017 he served as the Dean of the School of Business and Economics and the Wine Business Institute. Dr. Silver is the co-author of the book, Way of Zing – A Guide to Aligning Work and Life, written with Mark Gregory Nelson. The Way of Zing is a story about living a life of purpose and relevance, where what the world needs from you is in congruence with who you are.
Nelson and Silver share some simple yet profound practices to leading a work/life full of prosperity, discovery, connection and meaning, the quadruple bottom line of human vitality. Before joining SSU, Bill Silver was Chief Operating Officer and Senior Associate Dean at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. During his tenure at the University of Denver’s business school, Dr. Silver directed executive and corporate education programs for more than 75 client organizations including First Data Corporation, Newmont Mining, Coors Brewing, Kaiser Permanente, Hewlett Packard, Time Warner Telecom, and Lockheed Martin. Combining his interests in behavioral, cognitive, and leadership sciences, Silver incorporates experiential and expeditionary learning into his programs, using activities such as sailing, rock climbing, rafting, martial arts, international travel, and service learning to teach people business acumen, leadership intelligence and the ability to deliver results. He has written extensively for professional journals about leadership effectiveness and business performance. Silver majored in organizational psychology at the University of Michigan, where he received a B.A. with Distinction and High Honors. He began developing his philosophy of leadership while earning his Ph.D. in Business Administration at the University of Washington. Bill Silver is an avid martial artist, an enthusiastic explorer of wineries, and a determined trail runner. He lives in Santa Rosa with his wife Adrienne, a pediatrician for Kaiser Permanente, and their three children: Benji, Zachary, and Ari. They spend all of their spare time hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking and enjoying Sonoma County’s bounty of food, music, art, and beautiful parks and trails.

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