Justin Witt

Environmental Planner
Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers
Justin joined Brelje & Race in 1999 as the firm’s environmental planner. He conducts CEQA compliance and planning for water, wastewater and school projects. Justin has a BA in Anthropology and MA in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Planning from SFSU. Justin understands the effort required to plan, review, permit and implement infrastructure projects and the need for resilience in a changing climate.

Tim Wandling

SAGA Director, Sonoma State
Tim Wandling is Professor of English Literature at Sonoma State, having joined the faculty here after earning his doctorate at Stanford University in 1997. His scholarly expertise is in 19th C. British Literature and some of the first great environmentalists, the Romantic Poets. He has published and presented on Lord Byron, Mill, Hardy, and also the craft of teaching in or developing innovative programs. Throughout his two decades as a teacher, he has helped to institutionalize service-learning as an approach to teaching, and to support community engagement as a key goal for students. Currently, he is directing SAGA, Sonoma State’s implantation of the Sustainable Cities Model, a nationally renowned approach that fosters collaboration between universities and local communities in addressing issues of environmental justice. Student work and research in selected classes will directly address projects identified by partner cities. Our first partnership will be with Santa Rosa in 2017.

Craig Dawson

Director of Energy / Environmental Health and Safety
Sonoma State University
Craig Dawson has supported Sonoma State University for over 18 years. He has his Bachelors in Environmental Studies and Planning and his Master’s in Business Administration, both from Sonoma State University. He is dedicated to the conscientious stewardship of our campus. This is accomplished through extensive collaboration. I work throughout the campus, CSU system, and community to identify progressive and long lasting approaches to minimizing the impacts of our operations on the environment. At the same time working closely with faculty to create as many opportunities as possible to support our educational mission. This is accomplished through project involvement, information sharing, grant support and more to try and make our entire campus, operations, and efforts all part of our students' educational experience.

Emily Acosta Lewis

Assistant Professor
Communication & Media Studies/SSU
Emily Acosta Lewis is an assistant professor of Communication & Media Studies and faculty-in-residence for FYE (Freshmen Year Experience living learning community). She received her Ph.D. in Communication Arts and M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her B.A. in Communications (Public Relations) from San Diego State University. She has taught courses in public relations, new media, mass communication, persuasion, and the freshman learning communities. She is the faculty advisor for the student-run PR firm, Primitivo, the National Communication Association Honors Society, Lambda Pi Eta, and the newly formed SSU Media Group. She has taught aboard the M.V. Explorer with Semester at Sea while visiting twelve countries over 106 days. She believes in giving students hands-on experience through service-learning projects with local and international non-profit organizations. Her research is in media effects with a developmental perspective and a special focus on children, adolescents, and emerging adults. Her primary interest is in the role of media and new media in shaping viewers’ perceptions of social reality via persuasion, communication, and psychology theories.

Rebecca Simonson

Senior Power Analyst
Sonoma Clean Power
As Senior Power Analyst, Ms. Simonson works closely with the Director of Power Services and other SCP leadership regarding all functions related to power supply planning, load forecasting, energy procurement, risk management, market monitoring, regulatory compliance and settlements. Rebecca has 13 years of engineering experience in building services consulting, project development and management, building performance analysis, renewable energy analysis, energy and water use benchmarking, master-planning for energy and water efficient community-scale developments, and monitoring and tracking of water use, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Rebecca was formerly Director of Sustainability at Built Ecology Lincolne Scott (now WSP Group) in Sydney Australia and Water Agency Engineer for the Sonoma County Water Agency Energy Resources Group where she developed projects to reduce the agency’s energy demands and cost effectively generate renewable power locally to offset the agency’s large demand for power and achieve Carbon Free Water by 2015. Ms. Simonson graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and an MBA from Sonoma State University. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of California in Mechanical Engineering and a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction. Sonoma Clean Power is a not-for-profit public agency, which is the official electricity provider for Sonoma County. SCP offers Sonoma County local control, choice, cleaner electricity, lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower prices.

Trathen Heckman

Executive Director
Daily Acts
Trathen Heckman is the founder of Daily Acts, publisher of Ripples Journal and a backyard farmer. Former director of Green Sangha, he serves on the board of Transition US. Trathen inspires, educates and collaborates with communities, business and municipal leaders to harness the power of nature and inspired action to restore the health of our lives and communities. He lives in the Petaluma River Watershed where he grows food, medicine and wonder while working to compost apathy and lack.

Genevieve Taylor

Senior Facilitator
Ag Innovations
Genevieve is Senior Facilitator at Ag Innovations, where she works with groups addressing the pressing issues of our time including the Food Systems Alliances for San Mateo and Sonoma counties. She also leads the leadership development and capacity building program, and draws from her tenure as an experiential educator and corporate trainer to deliver training that helps leaders collaborate and innovate more effectively. She has been working with the North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative since its founding in 2009, and has seen first hand how the challenges of climate change can catalyze communities to work together towards a positive future.

Davin Cardenas

Co- Director
North Bay Organizing Project
Davin Cardenas is currently the Co-Director of the North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) in Sonoma County, Ca. Through NBOP, he has led successful campaigns to establish rent stabilization and just cause eviction policies in Santa Rosa, restorative discipline practices in our schools, and new rights for our immigrant community. Prior to working at NBOP, he was the first organizer of the Graton Day Labor Center, where he helped establish one of the most successful day labor centers in the Country. He worked their as an organizer for 7 years. He graduated from Sonoma State University with a Liberal Studies BA from the Hutchins Department in 2004.

Lauren S. Morimoto

Director of Diversity & Inclusive Excellence and Associate Professor
Lauren S. Morimoto is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology and the Director of Diversity & Inclusive Excellence at Sonoma State University. Her teaching and research explore and examine sport and social justice; critical perspectives of the body; intersections of race, gender and disability; and bringing the body back into education. Her teaching philosophy revolves around three central points: fostering student engagement with course content; encouraging student engagement with each other and the instructor; and promoting student engagement outside the classroom.

Martha Shott

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Martha Shott is an applied mathematician with research focus in mathematical models of traffic flow and ecological systems. She currently coordinates the School of Science and Technology's freshman year course, Science 120: A Watershed Year. This program introduces first-year students to environmental and sustainability issues relevant to the Russian River watershed through field experiences, a plenary series, and interactive class sessions centered around biology, mathematics, and critical thinking.

Dr. Karna Wong

Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Studies and Planning
Karna’s research interests include: affordable housing, community development, and social and environmental justice. Her teaching philosophy reflects a strong commitment to engaged scholarship and community-based research. Prior to attending the University of California, Los Angeles for her Ph.D., she worked with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Patrick Heinz

German Consulate General in San Francisco.
Consul Patrick Heinz is responsible for fostering the cultural ties between Germany and the Pacific Northwest. He informs the media and the general public about contemporary German affairs in order to convey a realistic image of Germany today. One of his tasks is to support the learning and teaching of German in colleges and universities. The Consulate's Cultural Department works in close co-operation with the Goethe Institute, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), German language professors and advisors, the German International School of Silicon Valley, the German International School of Portland, and other organizations and institutions active in this field. Mr. Heinz studied Slavic Literature and Macro-Economics at Trier University in Germany, after which he worked as the Consul for Press and Cultural Affairs in Teheran/Iran, and as Consul for Economic and Press Affairs Economic and Press affairs in Islamabad/Pakistan. From 2009 to 2012 he served as spokesperson for the German Embassy in Ankara/Turkey, followed by his position as Head of Training for International Diplomats at the German Foreign Office in Berlin/Germany. Since August 2016, Consul Heinz has been part of the Department of Press and Cultural Affairs at the German Consulate General in San Francisco.

Jake Mackenzie

Vice Mayor
City of Rohnert Park
Mackenzie has various degrees in Agricultural Science from Edinburgh University and Oregon State University. He proudly worked for US EPA for 30 years as a Pesticide Regulator. Now , as a 20 year veteran Councilmember,he sits on various committees and boards; always hoping to become tbeir chair. Greenbelt Alliance, Local Government Commission , SMART, WAC,SCAPOSD Advisory ,MTC , SCTA/RCPA and so on and so forth. I show up!

Jazmine Kary

Director of Sustainability
Associated Students: Join Us Making Progress (JUMP)
Jazmine Kary is a third year Business student at Sonoma State University. Jazmine is the Director of Sustainability for the SSU’s student-run volunteer organization, with Join Us Making Progress (JUMP). This role consists of co-managing the entire organization alongside the four other JUMP Directors. Jazmine helps guide and facilitate the three sustainability coordinators, providing them with the resources and support to successfully put on impactful sustainability service events in our community.

Jeff Baldwin

Professor and Department Chair
SSU - Geography and Global Studies
Jeff Baldwin is an Associate Professor of Geography at Sonoma State University. His research projects have explored various relationships between social systems and environmental communities. In Antigua, West Indies his research showed that tourist resorts were destroying coastal mangroves which in turn caused the degradation of off shore coral reefs and the subsequent erosion of the beaches the resorts so prized. A more philosophical project clarified the effects of US forced bank de-regulation in Southeast Asia which led to 10 million hectares of Indonesian forest burning in 1997-98 and a significant rise in Euro-American stock prices, all forms of wealth. More recent work has focused upon the promise of beaver re-colonization in the drought stricken American West. Throughout, he has argued that nonhuman beings have their own agency, their own projects, and that we could increase human well-being by cultivating partnerships with our very active biospheric co-inhabitants.

Christopher Dinno

Associate Vice-President for Administration and Finance – Facilities Operations and Planning
Administration and Finance / Facilities Management
Christopher Dinno is the Associate Vice-President for Administration and Finance – Facilities Operations and Planning. His area of responsibility encompass all aspects of the Facilities Management portfolio, including leadership for the campus-wide capital outlay program, master planning, design and construction, and management oversight of the utilities and sustainability programs. Key Areas of Leadership: • Facilities Management o Maintenance Services o Landscaping o Housekeeping  - Custodial Services  - Movers  - Recycling/Waste Management • Capital Planning, Design and Construction – CPDC • Environmental Health and Safety – EH&S

Dustin DeMatteo

Executive Director
Hard work and love for food started at a young age for Dustin on his grandparents, edible backyard garden. JoAnn DeMatteo, his grandmother inspired his passion for writing and story-telling; Bud DeMatteo, his grandfather created a space that brought high spirits and a place of ongoing improvement. His continued love for family is rooted within Farmster which empowers people, place and community to act or not, in regards to the betterment of society and nature with a consciousness of economy and ecology. Currently, Dustin is a Programs Coordinator at Daily Acts, specifically working in Cotati and supporting the rest of the staff with our municipality contracts and homegrown programs throughout Sonoma County. Dustin's first internship was at the California Independent System Operator (ISO), where he worked within the Corporate Compliance Department and began to learn of the complexities of the power generation and storage, as well as, the leading role California plays in climate change through the integration of a diverse, renewable mix of power sources.

Lauren Casey

Director of Climate Programs
Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority
Lauren has a Masters in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Energy and Atmosphere from Stanford University. She manages climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives on behalf of Sonoma County local jurisdictions and agency partners. In this role, she represents the communities of Sonoma County in regional and statewide collaborations to promote low carbon energy systems. She has a decade of experience in planning and implementing climate and energy programs on behalf of local, state, and regional government and bringing diverse stakeholders together around large and technical planning efforts.

Claudia Sisomphou

Senator of Sustainability
Associated Students
My name is Claudia Sisomphou. I am currently completing my senior year here at SSU. I am an Environmental Studies and Planning Major with a concentration in Planning, and I am a Computer Science Minor. I am the Activist in Residence for our Center for Community Engagement and the Senator of Sustainability for our AS Student Government. I am a first generation American and the first of my family to go to college, and I have lived in Sonoma County my entire life. I am incredibly passionate about the concepts of sustainability and supporting the advancement of sustainable practices on SSU's campus. I believe that an understanding of sustainability as a social, environmental, and economic mindset creates a more inclusive discussion about the issues we face, and can benefit all aspects of your life and the lives of those around you. I want to empower others to take control of what their money supports and be active in creating the kind of society they want to live in. Alone the choices we make may feel insignificant, but together we are ultimately who determines the market, the priorities of the country, and the state of our environment. Fighting for social justice and environmental justice is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life, and I hope to find a career that incorporates my passion for sustainability, community engagement, education, and politics.

Savannah Guinn

Sustainability Coordinator; Senator of Diversity
Sonoma State University Campus Recreation; SSU Associated Students
Savannah is a senior at Sonoma State pursuing a double major in Liberal Studies and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Planning. In her role at Campus Recreation, Savannah is responsible for developing and giving training on environmental, social and economic sustainability to Campus Recreation staff members. Additionally, Savannah brainstorms practices and programs to help maintain and further Campus Recreation's commitment to sustainability, including beginning a partnership with a local farm and beginning to develop a sustainable marketing policy. She also works with other entities on Sonoma State's campus to host events dedicated to educating and celebrating sustainability, such as Earth Day and the Sustainability Day Fair. Additionally, Savannah advocates for student interests in the area of diversity for the Associated Students, and is a planning intern with the City of San Rafael. She hopes to eventually work in local government.

Tammy Kenber

Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Sonoma State University
With over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, in both public and private sector, Kenber currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Sonoma State University, one of the twenty-three California's State Universities. She has extensive knowledge and a successful track record in complex employment issues in the higher education environment. She holds multiple professional certifications in HR, Payroll and Benefits. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Drexel University. She is experienced in both state and federal employment law, as well as California’s State Education Code, which governs K-14 and the State University systems. Her specific areas of expertise include contract negotiations/ language interpretation, certificated and classified compensation, talent management, recruitment and EEO compliance, and change management. Tammy holds a green belt in Six Sigma as well certifications in both Lean and 5S. During her recent tenure at Sonoma State, Kenber has led the initiative to convert the campus to smoke-free, which became effective 7/1/2015 as well as served on a system-wide committee to implement a common HRIS. Prior to Sonoma State, Tammy worked at Sierra Joint Community College District which is located in the Sierra Foothills with its main campus in Rocklin, and three additional campuses in Roseville, Grass Valley and Tahoe/Truckee. The college has approximately 2,500 employees and serves approximately 25,000 students in Northern California. During her tenure at Sierra, she was instrumental in the district’s implementation of a new integrated ERP system, the deployment of an online employee self-service portal, a district-wide document-imaging system and the successful renewal of three collective bargaining agreements 2012-2015. Tammy served as President of the N14 CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officers) Council for 2012/13 and the Council’s Vice President for 2013/14. She also served as a board member and officer for the college’s employee benefits trust, and Vice President of the Management Senate which served as a recommending body to the President on matters affecting the district at large. Prior to Sierra, Tammy worked for the California State Department of Development Services, Sutter Health and ADP, a large HRIS/Payroll services provider. Tammy has a solid HR background in both private and public sector as well as a reputation for being fair and collaborative. She is passionate about people and believes every employee has intrinsic value and the capacity to contribute. Her leadership style is open, service-oriented and developmental. She’s a creative problem solver whose sense of humor, genuine appreciation for people, and resourcefulness in finding cost-effective solutions have helped her to succeed and forge solid, long-lasting, positive work relationships. Tammy lives in Northern California with her husband, Dan, and youngest daughter, Sydney. Her older daughter, Mariah, is a senior at UC Davis pursuing a degree in Neurobiology.

Oren Wool

Executive Director
Sustainable North Bay
In his role as the Executive Director of the Sustainable Enterprise Conference Oren Wool coordinates the production of the annual event and works with local community leaders to provide a program that emphasizes sustainable opportunities for prosperity and resilience in the North Bay. Oren is one of the founders of this annual event and is gratified for the growing awareness of sustainability and support for the conference.

Kara Kelly

AmeriCorps Fellow
Sonoma County Water Agency
Kara rejoins the Sustainability Day team after returning from a year in the Sierra foothills serving as an AmeriCorps member with the Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District. She is a 2015 graduate with distinction from the Environmental Studies and Planning department and will be serving for a second year as an AmeriCorps fellow focused on storm water planning with the Sonoma County Water Agency. It is her hope that one day she will contribute in small and big ways to creating an even more efficient, just and conscious water management system.

Paul Draper

Director of Sustainability
Sonoma State University
Paul Draper is SSU’s Director of Sustainability and chairs the Sustainability Executive Committee. He is Professor of Theatre Arts and served as the chair of the Department from 2005-2012 during which time he spearheaded the campus-wide “Water Works” year of 2011-2012. Previously has been a Vice-President for Advocacy with the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), and a resident director with the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis He has taught at the Universities of Tennessee and Minnesota. He holds a MFA in Directing from Columbia University (NY) and a BSS from Northwestern University.

Lucy Hernandez

Director of Operations & Development
Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County
Lucy Hernandez, serves as the Director of Operations & Development at Community Action Partnership Sonoma County (CAPSC). As an administrator for 18 years in the human services field, she has developed recognized program models at a local, regional, state and federal level. Her strengths are in building strong partnerships, develop relationships, leverage resources effectively and maximize delivery of services through a collective impact model. Lucy believes in maximizing staff development through their talents and organizational mentorship and is a recognized StrengthsFinder Trainer. Today, she is responsible to oversee operations & fund development for CAP Sonoma ($10 Million Budget) offering over 23 programs to over 9,000 households a year and serving the Sonoma County’s most vulnerable populations. Throughout her life as a client herself, she realized the importance of effective and efficient programs and this has lead her to dedicate her life to public service, as this impacted her personal life achievements. In her career, she has administered, managed and developed over 35 Community Action & Regional level programs including housing programs, Child & Youth Services, Energy Payment Assistance, Foster Youth Services, Victim Witness Programs, DV & Emergency Shelters, Food Banks, Family Resource Centers, Education programs, Charter School, Economic & Community Development programs, Micro-business development, Re-Entry Prisoner’s programs and Family self-sufficiency/Job Training and recognized asset building projects. Lucy promotes a performance based, results oriented management, sustainability & accountability model to her programs & projects. Her success has been rooted in following her motto: “Maximizing and leveraging your network is key; your network =your net-worth”. Throughout her journey as a Community Action Partnership Professional, she attained a master certification in 2013, received a CA State Association of Counties double award for the Most Innovative Program & the Challenge Award in the CA and is a Trainer/consultant for Community Action Agencies in various organizational & development areas. Her work has been recognized at a Regional, State and at a National level. Lucy is an enthusiastic, dynamic and passionate speaker that enjoys sharing her core practices, models and strategies to help other communities strengthen their delivery of services. Lucy has a Bachelor's in Social Science and is currently in the process to complete her Master's in Public Administration with an option in Local Government Administration. She proudly serves as a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board member, Executive Committee Member for the Sonoma County Professional Women, Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership Policy Team and a proud Windsor Soroptomist. Throughout her work in Sonoma County, she is deeply committed to fulfilling the Promise of Community Action.

Alex Hinds

Managing Consultant
Sonoma State Center for Sustainable Communities
Alex Hinds is the managing consultant (and an unofficial "rainmaker") for SSU's Center for Sustainable Communities. Alex is best known for guiding preparation of the trend-setting Marin Countywide Plan update and other nationally recognized sustainability and climate protection programs. Previously, Alex was director of planning/community development for Marin, San Luis Obispo and Lake Counties.

Daniel Soto

Assistant Professor
Sonoma State University
Daniel Soto is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Planning at Sonoma State University. Daniel teaches classes on the intersection of energy and the environment and how to use energy more efficiently. His research focuses on barriers to improved energy access in the developing world. Daniel earned his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Stanford University. He also has an M.S. in Physics from San Francisco State University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Prior to his return to academia, Daniel worked as an engineer at two startup companies creating optical micro-mechanical devices for laser displays and optical communications.

Claudia Luke

Director, Center for Environmental Inquiry
Center for Environmental Inquiry
Claudia Luke, Director of Sonoma State University Preserves, has 20 years of experience directing field stations for the University of California and California State University. At Sonoma State University, she serves as Director for Center of Environmental Inquiry, managing three field stations (Fairfield Osborn Preserve, Galbreath Wildlands Preserve, and Los Guilicos Preserve) dedicated to infusing environmental understanding into the liberal arts and sciences. She has worked extensively with partners and collaborators to build regional research and management collaborations that provide opportunities for students and faculty in the areas of watershed management, habitat connectivity, habitat restoration, fire management, and environmental education.

Merith Weisman

Academic Programs, CCE, Social Media Coordinator
Sonoma State University Center for Community Engagement
Since 2007, Merith Weisman has served as the coordinator of the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at Sonoma State University (SSU). She works with faculty and community organizations to help them develop collaborative partnerships to construct and strengthen service-learning courses, community-based participatory research and other engaged pedagogies for the common good, particularly around areas of diversity and sustainability. Previously, Merith was the coordinator of the Feinstein Center for Service Learning at the University of Rhode Island and developed an understanding of community organizations as Program Director of the Volunteer Center of Rhode Island. She has also served as a consultant to Latino community organizations in Providence to assist them with connecting with the mainstream community. Merith’s academic background is in applied cultural anthropology so she has traveled extensively and now lives on a boat in the San Francisco Bay.

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