Early Education Program serving SSU student, staff and faculty families
Sonoma State University Associated Students
The Associated Students Children’s School: Schooling for Sustainability for ages 1-5. The philosophy of education at the Children’s School is based on child development research, which finds that children form most of their attitudes about self and learning during the first five years of life. Our goal is for children to develop ecological literacy, an understanding that all living things are interrelated and interdependent. From the age of one year, children develop the dispositions of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. We call our curriculum for the whole school “A Living Systems Curriculum”: We plant seeds and grow food. We harvest food. We let some plants go to seed and plant the seeds. We feed plants that feed us. We learn about plants and season’s cycles. We recycle our waste through composting and vermiculture. We hope to instill in children a lifelong passion for taking care of ourselves and our earth.

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