Tuscany Village Energy and Water Conservation Competition

Residential Living Event Established With Sustainability in Mind
September 30, 2019
Tuscany Village

Sonoma State University has been increasing efforts to instill sustainable habits within campus culture. A major part of becoming more environmentally conscious is spreading awareness of utilities usage. SSU Director of Operational Sustainability, Craig Dawson recently sent out an informative email addressing inefficiencies on campus and suggestions for improvement. This announcement covered potential PG&E bill increases and called staff and faculty to action. 

Although addressing the topic within the professional sector of campus is beneficial, student participation is needed to drive a significant shift.

To begin combating this issue, Residential Housing Sustainability Coordinator, Monica Wahl has developed the Energy and Water Conservation Competition. This event will take place October 13ththrough November 9thwithin Tuscany Village. 

The concept is simple—each building will have both electric and water tracked over the allotted time period. Electric will be measured in kilowatts per hour and water will be measured in gallons. These metered scores will be updated on the Tuscany website where competitors can view live changes. In order to maximize usage reduction, residents are advised to unplug electronics while not in use, turn off lights when possible and shorten showers.  

The building with the greatest reduction will win a free Chic-fil-A party funded by REACH (Residential Education and Campus Housing). With enough participation and support, this can turn into a campus-wide residential challenge resulting in significant improvements. Stay updated on the event and learn more about sustainable campus living in the links below. 

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