Professor and Department Chair
SSU - Geography and Global Studies
Jeff Baldwin is an Associate Professor of Geography at Sonoma State University. His research projects have explored various relationships between social systems and environmental communities. In Antigua, West Indies his research showed that tourist resorts were destroying coastal mangroves which in turn caused the degradation of off shore coral reefs and the subsequent erosion of the beaches the resorts so prized. A more philosophical project clarified the effects of US forced bank de-regulation in Southeast Asia which led to 10 million hectares of Indonesian forest burning in 1997-98 and a significant rise in Euro-American stock prices, all forms of wealth. More recent work has focused upon the promise of beaver re-colonization in the drought stricken American West. Throughout, he has argued that nonhuman beings have their own agency, their own projects, and that we could increase human well-being by cultivating partnerships with our very active biospheric co-inhabitants.

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