Campaigns & Challenges

Students, Staff, and faculty are ready to see big changes on campus and we intend to support them fully. Sonoma State University will begin implementing sustainable action campaigns and challenges to create a shift in culture and environmental awareness. Stay updated by following this webpage, our Facebook, and our Instagram! 

Take the Fall 2019 Energy Challenge!

The SSU campus has reduced electrial consumption by 4% over the past two years. We can do better! With our renewed campus commitment to reducing Green House Gasses, we're challenging students, faculty and staff to make a bigger difference.

Facilities management has been automating controls, changing over to LED lights, and conducting assessments of mechanical and lighting systems. We're working on new projects to increase efficiency and renewable energy. This Fall, we're instituting a policy of no building heating above 68 degrees and no cooling below 74 degrees.

We're challenging everyone on campus to make a difference. Every light, thermostat adjustment, and personal heater has an impact! Here some ideas to reduce your energy use:

  • Take a conscious assessment of the lighting in your space. Consider using a small LED task light instead of overhead lights. Turn lights off when not needed, and ALWAYS when leaving the room. Remind others to do the same!

  • Eliminate your personal space heaters which take huge amounts of electricity. Instead, dress in layers, bring a blanket to put over your legs, or use flax seed heating/cooling pad. (Microwave for 4 minutes and it stays warm for hours… place in the freezer overnight and it stays cool!)

If you have more ideas to share and ways to make a difference, contact Craig Dawson, Director of Operational Sustainability, and he will share your ideas with campus.