Wednesday, October 19, 2016
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Ballroom C/D

Come hear about grant opportunities available to faculty to redesign courses to include sustainability content and/or adapt teaching modes and methods. An opportunity to ask about applying for these awards will conclude the presentations.


Paul Draper, SSU Director of Sustainability

Claudia Luke, SSU Director of the Center for Environmental Inquiry

Craig Dawson, SSU Director of Energy / Environment. Health Safety

Daniel Soto, Chair, Department of Environmental Studies and Planning

Caroline Christian, Professor, Department of Environmental Studies and Planning

Emily Acosta Lewis, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Media Studies

Two grant programs will be considered:

“Sustainability in the Classroom” supports writing or re-working courses — a total of 13 since 2014, offered through the Sustainability Executive Committee (SEC) and the Center for Environmental Inquiry (CEI). Previous faculty recipients these awards have been faculty in Philosophy, Math, Geography, Biology, Environmental Studies, Business, Political Science, and Economics. Awards levels are now  $3,000 per cycle.

“Campus as a Living Lab” (CALLS) grants are awarded through the California State University Office of Sustainability. CALLS awards are designed to encourage course work that supports facilities and operations goals in making CSU campuses more environmentally sustainable. SSU has received four CALLS grants over the last three years in  Engineering, Environmental Studies, and Communications. Campuses are awarded $12,000 to support faculty, with additional materials budgets possible.

Come learn about 17 courses faculty have transformed through these awards, and be inspired to adapt your own course. Proposals from all Schools can be funded to teach and engage students in sustainability, adaptation, and climate change issues and challenges.

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