Earth week 2022

Earth Week - April 18-22, 2022

Since 1970, and each year following, April 22 has been recognized  as Earth Day.  This year marks the 52nd anniversary of this day.  Traditionally, Sonoma State University has offered events and activities the week of Earth Day and this year is no different. We intend to offer at least a few options for you to get involved. will reveal the theme for 2022 soon and we'll provide links to join this worldwide movemment.

Ways to participate at Sonoma State University

We are already excited for Earth Week 2022. As events are planned, and announced, you'll find resources here.  If you have ideas to contribute, please send to

Share a sustainable practice you have with a DIY video or photo

We’re looking for ways you do sustainability - maybe there’s more than one way you do it?  We invite you to post as many posts with pictures or videos as you are willing to make!  Take pictures, post video of youself in action or inaction, use apps to connect images, etc. Short and sweet, videos are great! Upload it to your favorite social media account and tag @sustainablessu, use the hashtag #sustainablessu or email to

Here are some helpful tips for recording a video:

  • Check your surroundings and background before you film to make sure that there aren't disruptive noise in the background and that your background is not busy
  • Keep the lighting on you, not behind you so that your lighting is consistent
  • If using your phone, stabilize it so it is not shaky and place it at eye level
  • Again, if using your phone, film in landscape mode.
  • Look at the camera while recording the message
  • S p e a k    s l o w l y.
  • If you need some ideas, see below.

When you are complete, please upload your video to your favorite  social media account and tag @sustainablessu or use the hashtag #sustainablessu or email to

Here are a few we've received in 2021: 

Thank you to Nina Mendia, School of Extended & International Education (SEIE), Andy Shepherd, Green Music Center and Mark Perri, Chemistry for your videos submissions! Needs some inspiration?  The following are ideas of how you can flex your sustainability muscle everyday, and please use your creativity as you think of others!

Water saving

  • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth
  • Enjoying a plant-based meal
  • Save on garden irrigation, dryscape and plant drought tolerant plants
  • Wash your car at the carwash
  • Shorten your time in shower to 5 minutes
  • Collect cold water from shower while you wait for it to heat up.
  • Install aerators on household faucets
  • Install a low flow shower head
  • Only run the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads

Waste Reduction 

  • Using the same cloth napkin for all your meals in a day
  • Repurpose something at home instead of throwing it out
  • Compost at home
  • Buy second-hand clothing
  • Extend the life of your clothing by patching, sewing or handing down

Saving Energy

  • Turn off lights at home
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Shut down or sleep computers when not in use

Plastic Pollution

  • Bring your own reusable container to a restaurant for leftovers
  • Repurpose / reuse plastic and other bags
  • Refill & use a reusable water bottle
  • Take your own reusable bags to the market

Reduce emissions 

  • Ride your bike or walk to complete a short errand instead of driving
  • Ride transit
  • Carpool
  • Drive an Electric Vehicle (EV)

    Campus events

    Be sure to visit the Calendar of Events page for updates and all the events happening that are sustainability related, during Earth Week and more!

    Online classes, activies and resources

    As we receive information, we'll post them here!


    We will update this page as events are revealed and information provided.